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Bride and Groom walk the grounds at Temple House, Sligo.

Secluded Sligo Elopement | Temple House, Ireland





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Bride and Groom posing dramatically in the drawing room of Temple House, Sligo.

Table of Contents

  1. The Ancient County of Sligo
  2. Sligo’s Historic Temple House Estate
  3. Time for Romantic Portraits
  4. A Secluded Sligo Elopement
  5. Make your Elopement Personal

Eloping in the Ancient Countryside of Sligo

Sligo is an uncommon place for an elopement, but Natalie & Dermot are not ones for treading old ground. Their elopement wedding at Temple House Estate in Sligo was a truly special day.

With both the bride and groom’s families coming together for the first time, it was a beautiful occasion filled with laughter – and fantastic dance moves!

If, like this couple, you live in Canada or the USA, you may have wondered how (or where) to elope to Ireland. Searching for the best place to elope can be daunting but there are plenty of options to choose from. Major landmarks, like the Cliffs of Moher, offer an epic backdrop. While hidden gems like Temple House Estate and Wicklow’s Trudder Lodge can be ideal for family getaways in the Irish woodlands! Drop us a line to ask about elopement options.

Bride observes her dress, hanging from the banister at Temple House in Sligo.

Starting the day, Dermot’s best man kept spirits high with his jokes and banter. Originally from Ireland, Dermot met his beloved Natalie in western Canada and they returned to Co. Sligo for their elopement.

Enthusiastic Best Man helps the groom with his bow tie in Temple House.
Groom dressed in his waistcoat on the morning of his elopement wedding in Sligo.
Groomsmen getting ready in the morning of the elopement at Temple House.
Two groomsmen playfully sitting on the bed together and posing for a funny photo in Temple House.

Temple House, Sligo’s secluded gem

Meanwhile, Natalie was getting ready in her wedding dress with the help of her doting mother. Her family came with her from Canada and met Dermot’s Irish side for the first time!

Bride's dress hangs from the banister inside Temple House's foyer.

By the way, shout out to the bride, Natalie – She is a professional calligrapher and designed her own wedding invitations!

While the couple were preparing themselves, their families enjoyed exploring the historic Temple House Estate. The perfect place for a secluded elopement, Temple House provides serene views of the castle ruins and lake behind. The grounds offer space for ceremonies, drinks reception, and evening festivities!

Best Man is ready to offer a drink and support the groom whenever he is called.
Groom and his Groomsmen enjoy a drink together on the morning of his elopement in Sligo.
Detail photo of the Bride and Groom's ring boxes, placed on a decorative doily in Temple House.
Bride and her proud mother pose together for a portrait in the bright front room of Temple House.
Groom dresses his giggling baby son in his cute wedding day outfit.

Their adorable newborn baby boy needed some help getting ready too!

Best Man is caught still trying to tie his tie before the elopement ceremony.
Portrait of bride during her elopement in Temple House, Sligo.

Romantic Portraits at Temple House Estate

It goes without saying, but making time for quality time together at your wedding is paramount. Natalie and Dermot were so present in the moment, they soaked in every minute of their portraits. They’re an inspiration!

Bride and Groom meet on the morning of their Irish elopement in Temple House.
Loving portrait of the newlywed couple sharing precious time together on their elopement.
Bride and groom descent the stairs in Temple House for their portraits.
The two families greet the bride and groom descending the stairway in Temple House.

After some light drinks, we gathered the family for some formal portraits outside, with their baby boy looking absolutely adorable in his little waistcoat.

Eloping in Sligo: View of the castle ruin from the window of Temple House, with the beautiful Sligo countryside beyond.
During family portraits, the children all run to the camera, with the baby boy flying in too!
Adorable portrait of the family: bride, groom, and their baby son being kissed on both cheeks!
Detail photo of a bottle of Prosecco sitting next to a baby's bottle – A picture is worth a thousand words.

A Secluded Sligo Elopement

We then took Natalie and Dermot down to the garden for some romantic portraits. The castle ruins behind, and the lake beyond, made for an epic backdrop at dusk.

The couple chose to focus their day around who they are as people. For them, this meant carving out a time and space for themselves, secluded in natural beauty. They brought only their nearest-and-dearest with them, which made the whole day so personal and genuine.

Newlywed Irish-Canadian couple eloping in Sligo, Ireland.
The eloping Bride and Groom share a dance and a twirl in the garden outside Temple House.
Outdoor elopement portrait of bride and groom in the gardens of Temple House.

Natalie and Dermot’s fun-loving personalities shone through as they danced and laughed together throughout the gardens. Later, they sat down for dinner, served by the owner of Temple House, with touching speeches shared by their families – now united!

Dining Hall in Temple House, before the family banquet on the wedding day.
The families of the newlyweds share emotional stories in honour of the dear couple.
Happy family speeches around the dining hall table in Temple House.

As the sun began to set, the music started and the newlywed couple hit the dancefloor! The little ones couldn’t resist joining in the fun either. It truly felt like a family vacation, with both sides of the family getting to know each other and enjoying the rural Irish charm of Temple House.

Make your Elopement Experience truly Personal

The bride's beautiful dress swishes elegantly as she dances with her husband on their elopement to Temple House.
The newlywed couple turn out to be expert dancers and enjoy the entire foyer of Temple House for themselves.

For Natalie and Dermot, their elopement wedding was the perfect way to celebrate their love in an intimate and personal way, with only their closest family present. They made Temple House their home for the day and it was filled with family, laughter, and love.

As their elopement photographers, it was an honour to capture such a truly genuine and special day for the pair.

Dramatic evening portrait of the bride, lit by lamps, on the stairway in Temple House.

Let Natalie and Dermot’s elopement day serve as inspiration. Don’t be afraid to shape your wedding day around who you are as a couple. If being surrounded by only your closest loved ones for an intentional and familial day sounds right, consider an elopement.

Thank you Natalie and Dermot for choosing us as your elopement photographers. We wish you and your family the very best!

If you have questions about having an elopement, or need a photographer to capture your intimate wedding day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Sligo is a land steeped in ancient history and replete with natural beauty. Near Temple House Estate is Knocknarea (the fabled grave of the mighty Queen Maeve). It’s an absolute must for fans of hiking and exploring! As is the iconic Ben Bulbin and the surrounding mountains. And you owe it to yourself to visit Rosses Point to enjoy an ice cream and watch the sun setting into The Atlantic Ocean.

Temple House Elopement Vendors:

Photography: Ivana & Sam

HMUA: Redz Hair & Makeup

Invitation Design: Natalie Raftery Design

Dress: Willowby & Watters

Florals: Leitrim Flowers

Venue: Temple House

  1. Jennifer says:

    You did such a beautiful job photographing their elopement! Temple House looks like such a great location to get married and for a backdrop for photos.I especially love the dress hanging photos.

  2. Dakotah says:

    Temple House, Ireland is such a colorful and inviting venue! Love all the photos and how you perfectly documented their wedding day!

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