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Two brides embrace each other in front of the Walled Garden's main gate.

Best Friends-to-Brides | A Same-sex Wedding at Tankardstown House





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Posed same-sex couple portrait on the stairway inside Tankardstown House.

Inclusive Same-Sex Wedding Photography in Ireland

The mark of a great wedding is the feeling that each part of the day has been touched by the couple. And this wedding was 110% K and A. As same-sex weddings go, this one was bursting at the seams with belly-laughs and honest, hard-won love.

This wedding felt extra special, due in no small part to the palpable sense of shared victory present throughout the day. K and A were among many who campaigned for Equal Marriage in Ireland, followed by their loving family and friends. K and A’s wedding was not a given eventuality, but an accomplishment of national and historic proportions.

β€œIvana and Sam photographed our (my wife and I) recent wedding, and we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The photographs speak for themselves: beautiful, natural, bright photos that capture all the fun and happiness of the day, and which we will treasure forever. But just as importantly Ivana and Sam are such a joy to work with. From our very first contact to the delivery of the final gallery, they are somehow incredibly warm and also excellently professional. They were organised and so easy to deal with, and full of really useful advice for the day, and also such lovely people to spend time with. Neither my wife nor I are normally comfortable in front of a camera, but we both enjoyed it all so much thanks to Ivana and Sam.”

– Anne

Morning Prep in Tankardstown’s Secret Garden

The Secret Garden rooms at Tankardstown House

When we met brides K and A at Tankardstown House on that shining April morning, we felt their unique spark as soon as we walked in the room. K’s work often takes her away from A for months on end; so any time spent together is treasured. Placing their relationship above tradition, the inseparable pair got ready together in The Secret Garden room at Tankardstown House.

Bride meeting bride on the morning of their same-sex wedding
Two pairs of shoes placed beside the invitations to the brides' same-sex wedding at Tankardstown House.
Bride and her friend meeting on the morning of her same-sex wedding.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The Secret Garden is a serene and cosy building, nestled behind the famous Orangery and near the Brabazon Restaurant. Additionally, the house’s welcoming and homely ambiance provide the ideal atmosphere for morning preparations.

Located in the heart of the Boyne Valley, Tankardstown House is a stunning Georgian estate. It feels both luxurious and homely at the same time, which is why it’s one of our favourite venues!

Tankardstown's Secret Garden room entrance on a bright April morning.

K and A both got their makeup and hair done by Rebecca O’Sullivan Makeup and Claire Barry Hair, respectively – as did their mothers (who got on like a house of fire!). There were frequent visits from loved ones and each arrival demanding a fuss and an emotional hug, K and A were surrounded by love.

Father and sister meet the bride in the Master Suite in Tankardstown House.
Bride sitting with bouquet and smiling at her family arriving to meet her.
Black and white portrait of old friends embracing on the wedding morning.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Everyone in the house was tearfully giddy!

Bride is helped into her wedding dress by her mother and friends in the Master Suite of Tankardstown House.
Father embraces his daughter on the morning of her same-sex wedding at Tankardstown.
Bride holds her own hand-made bouquet outside the Secret Garden room.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Celebrating Love in The Orangery

After K and A got into their dresses separately, the two met privately for a ‘first look’ before the ceremony to ease their nerves. Fittingly, they walked each other down the aisle to be married in the natural glow of the Orangery. The whole room felt an emotional charge when the two brides finally arrived.

Chandeliers hanging in The Orangery at Tankardstown House during a wedding.
Brides walk down the aisle together for their same-sex wedding ceremony in the Orangery.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The florals, by the way, were all handcrafted by A herself, including their bouquets! This added a beautiful personal touch to their wedding day.

One bride kisses the other's shoulder during their same-sex wedding ceremony.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The ceremony was equally emotional and humorous, with K’s sister’s beautiful singing and even the youngest guests taking the stage.

Bride's sister sang during their wedding ceremony in the Orangery.
Guests burst with laughter and joy during the same-sex wedding ceremony.
The two brides are officially married in Tankardstown House.
The brides' families look on with pride as their daughters are married.
Same-sex wedding photography of ceremony and guests cheering.
The two brides walk down the aisle together after their same-sex wedding ceremony is complete.
Wedding guests joyfully applaud the marriage of the two brides.
A guest emotionally embraces the bride after the wedding ceremony in Tankardstown.
Everyone celebrates the same-sex wedding of K and A in Tankardstown House

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Timeless Portraits in The Walled Garden

After the ceremony came the formal family portraits. Two joyfully joking families met and could not help but laugh their way through the pictures!

Same-sex wedding photography of couple embracing in the flowery entrance at Tankardstown House.
Same-sex wedding couple photo with lavender in the foreground.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

It was time for K and A to enjoy a much-deserved private break. Tankardstown’s own Walled Garden was the perfect setting to capture K and A’s adorable and humorous characters.

Same-sex wedding photography at Tankardstown House, Ireland.
Emotional black and white portrait of a same-sex couple sharing an emotional moment in the Walled Garden.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The pair enjoyed a romantic walk together and were both so giggly and cheerful, it was hard for everyone to keep a straight face!

Same-sex wedding couple portraits in Tankardstown House, Ireland.
Black and white blurry motion photo of same-sex couple running in the Walled Garden at Tankardstown House.

Despite how relatively recent same-sex weddings are in Ireland, our aim was to give K and A’s images a timelessness and a beautiful, natural setting.

Two brides walk together in Tankardstown House's Walled Garden.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

An Unforgettable Same-Sex Wedding Celebration

Guests enjoying the Drinks Reception in Tankardstown House

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

A touching speech from a dear friend of the couple brought the drinks reception to a close. Afterwards, guests moved to the Orangery for Tankardstown’s famously fabulous banquet.

Hilarity and emotions during a wedding speech at Tankardstown House, Ireland.
Guests enjoying the festivity in the Orangery before dinner.
The same-sex couple arrive to a cheering crowd in the Orangery at Tankardstown House.
Guests applaud the arrival of the same-sex wedding couple in the Orangery.
Bride's father embarrasses his daughter with a funny speech

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The speeches were equally heartfelt and humorous, which was befitting of such a cheery and genuinely funny couple. With plenty of embarrassing stories, there was no mercy, nor a dry eye in the room!

Guests enjoy the hilarious speeches in honour of the newlyweds.
Tearful speeches from the bride in Tankardstown House.
Brides hold hands during their emotional speeches and share a loving look.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

A Party to Remember

With dinner done and drinks drank, the festivities continued with K and A’s first dance.

After that emotional interlude, the band Spring Break, absolutely rocked the dance floor and got everyone up on their feet!

Wedding party in full-swing thanks to the wedding band!
Wedding party night photos from Tankardstown House, by Ivana & Sam.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

This same-sex wedding was unforgettable! It was a celebration of K and A’s commitment and powerful love. The entire place was shaking with raw energy and happiness.

Wedding guests party under the limbo rope in Tankardstown House.
Low angle photo of the party in the Orangery, with the chandelier above.
Same-sex couple pose with their heels and wedding dresses at the end of the wedding night.
Tankardstown same-sex wedding party in the Orangery. Ireland Wedding Photography.
Low-angle photo of feet dancing across the dance floor with dramatic lighting and colours.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

We were honoured to capture K and A’s special day and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness together. Thank you both so much!

If you are planning your own same-sex wedding, consider Tankardstown House as your venue to create cherished memories. Likewise, we welcome all couples and would be thrilled to create lasting memories of your love.

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Tankardstown House Same-Sex Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Ivana & Sam

Makeup: Rebecca O’Sullivan Makeup

Hair: Claire Barry Hair Stylist

Video: Michael @ Vision & Vow Films

Celebrant: Ruth Scott

Band: Spring Break

Dresses: Alternative Bridal Wear by Mags Morgan & Folkster Bridal

Shoes: LK Bennet

Venue: Tankardstown House

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow! You did such a beautiful job photographing this garden wedding. It looks like they had such an incredible day.

  2. Kat says:

    You caught a bunch of really fun, quirky moments at their celebration. Congrats!

  3. Naomi Levit says:

    What a fun celebration. Their story makes it all the more beautiful.

  4. Leo says:

    I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that friendship underlies marriage and this captures that perfectly, thanks for sharing!

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