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Brides' shoes laid on the grass of the garden wedding ceremony space, with a trail of petals running through.

Stylish & Unconventional Irish Garden Wedding





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At Home Wedding | Garden Marquee Wedding | Backyard Wedding Ireland

Garden wedding banner printed with brides' names.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Table of Contents

Garden Wedding Inspiration: A Relaxed and Unconventional Day

What can we say about the heartwarming outdoor wedding of K & S? It was the most perfect example of Laid Back Meets Stylish.

When K & S reached out to us, we saw their vision and were completely bowled over. They even shared their moodboards with us to better paint a picture of their ideal garden wedding at home. We simply couldn’t wait for the day!

We cherish weddings like this because at an intimate celebration of only the nearest and dearest, there is no pressure or hidden emotions. The couple can be present and create spontaneous memories with each guest.

Experience the enchanting same-sex wedding of K & S; a genuine celebration that focused only on what this couple wanted for each other. A stylish, at-home garden wedding in the rolling countryside of Ireland.

Garden Wedding ceremony location, with pews and flowers overlooking the countryside.
Bride's sister welcomes us to the countryside home before the garden wedding.
Bride and her family giggling together in the family home on the morning of her wedding.
Bride comb's her grandfather's hair on the morning of her wedding.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

From Liverpool, to Vancouver, to Monaghan

K & S are two lovely souls, originally from Monaghan and Liverpool, who found each other in their current home – Vancouver and soon became dedicated to one another.

While their official marriage was sealed in Vancouver, they decided to bring their love back to Monaghan for a familial celebration. It was a bold and meaningful choice to exchange vows in the garden of K’s family home – they pulled off an incredible day with great vendors and adoring family all around.

Brides' shoes laid on the grass of the garden wedding ceremony space, with a trail of petals running through.
Drinks reception area in the garden of the bride's family home.
The Hidden Naggin portable shebeen pub at the garden wedding party.
The brides hold their bouquets aloft in the wind.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

A Morning of Gifts, Laughs, and Blooms

Picture this: K’s family home buzzing with excitement on a fresh August morning. Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations, the florists from JP Flowers Monaghan decorated the home with gorgeous arrangements. Their florals even complimented K’s mother’s own beautiful garden!

This added such a warm and loving atmosphere that felt like home to both families.

The bride's joyful mother on the morning of her daughter's wedding.
Black and white portrait of the bride under her veil in her family home.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The brides surprised their families with touching personal gifts. It was also K’s parents’ own wedding anniversary – all the more reason to celebrate!

Family happily opening their gifts on the wedding day morning.
Black and white portrait of the bride and her father sharing a hug in the family home.
Bride and her two sisters share a moment together before the garden wedding ceremony.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

With the two families meeting for the first time, as well as the gift exchange and exquisite florals, the house itself became a canvas of love and devotion.

The Garden Wedding of their Dreams

As guests began to arrive, anticipation charged through the family home. The drinks reception was held in the front lawn of the house, and everyone was brimming with excitement.

Drinks reception begins in the family's home garden before the wedding ceremony.
Guests enjoying the drinks reception before the garden wedding ceremony.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Their garden wedding ceremony was nothing short of enchanting. The colours of the Irish countryside shifted beneath August’s golden sun peeking behind deep blue clouds. With rich light and colours all around, K & S walked down the aisle, accompanied by their parents.

Bride is escorted down the aisle by her family so the ceremony can begin.
Bride and her parents walk together down the aisle of their garden wedding ceremony.
Bride and her family walk together down the aisle to meet her bride.
Bride's family looks on excitedly during the garden wedding ceremony.
The brief squall couldn't dampen the celebration!

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

A passing squall briefly halted the ceremony but play resumed in no time. A resilient few remained in their seats to see out the shower. Clearly, nothing could dampen their spirits!

The brides hide under an umbrella together during their outdoor wedding ceremony.
Wedding guests enjoy the outdoor ceremony despite a passing rain shower!
Wedding guests enjoying the outdoor wedding ceremony despite some rain.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

K & S told the story of their chance meet-cute and their emotional honesty brought everyone to tears. Even the sky above cried. The dear couple bound their lives together in the most traditional and symbolic Irish ritual: tying the knot.

Handfasting; two brides tie the knot in their garden wedding in the Irish countryside.
The two brides tie the knot and are married in their garden in the Irish countryside.
The married brides share a passionate embrace after their marriage as the wind kicks up her veil!
Families and guests cheer as two brides are married and their veils fly in the wind.
Two brides share a kiss in the aisle after their outdoor wedding ceremony and are showered with confetti and flower petals.
The two brides walk down the aisle after their marriage and are showered with confetti and flower petals.
Portrait of the two brides on their inspiring garden wedding in the Irish countryside.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Tea(rs) in the Rain

After the wedding ceremony, guests made their way to the tea tent! It offered a cozy spot for all to enjoy tea, coffee, sandwiches, and the anticipation of a food truck that delivered culinary delights got everyone excited!

When another squall arrived, guests helped erect sheltered walls around K&S’s hired marquee tent. The weather literally brought people closer together in the marquee and the celebrations continued with even more energy and warmth!

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Blásta Street Kitchen delivered Nachos and Tacos aplenty – it was a feast! It shows that you don’t need a grand ballroom to have a good time; a well-curated menu, fun caterers, and the right ambiance do the trick.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The hired ice cream truck was enjoyed by all ages!

Sunset Portraits in the Irish Countryside

As the clouds parted, we took K & S for a stroll along the country road right outside her home. Peeking through the clouds, the sun laid golden light upon the rolling hills and the house behind them. Nature is truly the most stunning backdrop.

(Notice their gorgeous outfit change?)

K & S wrapped each other in a loving embrace. The pair soaked in this peaceful moment with each other with the tranquil sunset glow behind.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

We always recommend couples take a moment for themselves before the evening’s festivities begin. If not for photos, then at least for each other. Even a stroll down this simple country lane provided gorgeous images – an emotional moment that they will remember forever.

Garden Wedding Celebrations: Cake Cutting & First Dance

Amidst heartfelt toasts and the warmth of the tiny Shebeen-on-wheels, The Hidden Naggin, K & S cut their cake and shared their first dance. The beaming faces all around echoed the joy of their union.

Bride exits the portable Irish pub on her wedding.
Irish garden wedding party in Monaghan.
The two brides cut their cake under clear umrellas as the rain arrives on their at home garden wedding.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The unfavorable weather could have easily cast a shadow over this garden celebration. However K&S’s meticulous planning and styling, combined with everyone’s good spirits and ability to embrace the unexpected added a unique charm to the celebration, proving that amidst the unpredictable elements, the joy and fun shared in the midst of the madness are what truly make a wedding unforgettable!

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

The brides swapped fathers for a special extra dance and everyone’s hearts soared! It’s all the personal details and surprises that makes the day special. We adore capturing these moments so much!

Bride and her father share an emotional embrace on the evening of her home garden wedding.
Confetti rains down on the two brides' first dance with cheers all around.
Everyone cheers on the two brides as confetti rains down around their dance.
The dance floor strewn with confetti as guests dance the night away.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Garden Wedding Wrap-Up

The most incredible thing about this day was that the two brides threw out convention and followed their hearts. To each other, honouring their love story in a way that felt genuine was paramount. Their vision was of a chic, stylish, yet relaxed home garden wedding; They knew they would enjoy it, rain or shine. It was their dedication to each other that shone brightest.

Star lights at dusk on the evening of a same-sex home garden wedding in Ireland.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Authentic Wedding Inspiration: Make it Your Own

Thinking back on this special day, it’s a testament that weddings don’t have to follow a specific blueprint. A home or garden wedding, surrounded by the people you cherish most, can be stylish, intimate, and incredibly personal. It’s about embracing simplicity, finding vendors who understand your vision, and making it uniquely yours.

Have you considered doing something different and more intimate? Take inspiration from K & S. Embrace the cosiness of a home or garden, and don’t be afraid to upset ‘tradition’ because in the end, it’s the sincerity and personal touches that make a wedding truly memorable.

As photographers, we were honoured to witness their love, capture their memories, and be a part of their story. Every image speaks to the authenticity, fun, and emotion of the day. As well as the promise of a life filled with shared joy and cherished memories.

Thank you K & S for choosing us as your photographers, we were honoured to be there with you. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!



Garden Wedding Vendors

Photography: Ivana & Sam

Makeup: Aine Murphy Makeup

Hair Stylist: Head Office Hair Salon

Florals: JP Flowers, Monaghan

Silk Ribbon: Betty Williamson

Dress: Jenny Yoo + Park & Fifth

Videographer: Lavery Photo & Video

Tent & Tables: Stretch Tent & Canopy Hire

Bar-on-Wheels: The Hidden Naggin

Food Truck: Blásta Street Kitchen

Cake: Cathy Coleman Cakes

DJ: Elite DJs

Decor: The brides! (Orange & Peach tones)

  1. Naomi Levit says:

    What a breathtaking day! You captured every detail so perfectly. I think that rain was definitely a sign of good luck!

  2. Krissy Johnson says:

    This wedding was a dream! From the florals, outfit changes, to the Guinness beer! The whole day looks like it was shot on film, you did an amazing job.

    • Ivana Milchanska says:

      Thank you so much Krissy! We do aim for a film-quality look so that’s appreciated 😉

  3. Danielle says:

    These images are amazing! Great storytelling

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