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Ireland Wedding Photography: Newlywed couple take a romantic stroll through Dromoland Castle Hotel's gardens.

Wedding Photography Pricing & Packages in Ireland | A Guide for 2024





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Wondering how much does Wedding Photography cost in Ireland?
Let’s talk about it.

Epic wedding couple portrait in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland, with ring box details.

Wedding Photography Pricing Ireland / Average Cost of Wedding in Ireland / Top Wedding Photographers in Ireland

Like Many Couples Planning a Wedding for the First Time, You May Have Some Questions about Wedding Photography Pricing in Ireland:

  • How much does a Wedding Photographer cost in Ireland (and why)?
  • Why are Wedding Photographers priced so differently?
  • Is hiring a top quality Photographer a priority in my budget?
  • I just want something “simple”. Can’t I get that for less?
  • Why should I consider hiring a two Photographer team instead of one photographer?

Wedding Photography Pricing: A Quick Note

Wedding photography pricing (and packages) is likely the first thing on your mind when searching for a photographer. Along with the average price of a photographer.

So what is the average price and how do you know what’s right for you? Searching the catalogues of the Irish wedding photography scene, you’ll get a wide range of numbers – anywhere between €1,000 to €5,000+. But what’s the difference (aside from the numbers)? What makes one package (or photographer) better than another?

The short answer is: it’s much more than just the hours of coverage you might be comparing.

The truth (and value) is in the details of the service you get. You have to see what you’re getting for your money and know what’s more valuable to you as on outcome.

Wedding Photography Pricing in Ireland; printing your wedding images through your professional wedding photographer will last longer than printing them anywhere else.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Not all Packages are Created Equal

Let’s imagine Photog A is offering you: full day coverage with unlimited hours + an album… all for the low-low price of €1,500!

So why would you accept the offer from Photog B: full day coverage with no album for €3,000..?

Speaking as a professional photographer who’s invested years and thousands of € into this craft, trust me when I say that if something is cheap and includes a bucket full of bonuses, that means there’s a big compromise somewhere

  • Maybe the album quality is poor (meaning it won’t last long, which is kind of the main point for an heirloom…);
  • Or perhaps they’re inexperienced (maybe this is just their hobby);
  • If so, they also likely aren’t actually running a business (i.e. paying taxes, insurance, equipment maintenance, backup equipment, etc.);
  • Which means they’re not investing in upgrading their service and skill (all of which cost a lot of money and directly benefits you in the end)!

Whatever the case, the reality is that when it comes to 2024 wedding photography packages, all of these extras and full day coverage for less than €2500-€3000 should ring alarm bells, not wedding bells

Side Note: We understand that not everyone is interested in an heirloom album and that’s ok, but there’s a lot more that goes into a wedding photography package than just the printed works. What about the quality and personal attention of the service you receive?

Most couples who shop based on price don’t realise this but how well you get on with your photographer as a person is a major factor in how you’ll feel on the day and how much you’ll love your images.

How much of a photographer’s process is geared towards getting to know you, your personal wishes and taste also directly reflects on the final result.

Imagine this for a second: A photographer whose rates are low (and therefore takes on more jobs than they can handle in order to make a living) will simply not be able to dedicate their attention to your event or capture your essence in the authentic way you deserve.

Professional photographers with a meticulous process and attention to detail typically only take on 1 wedding per weekend or a limited number per year and therefore charge appropriately to run their business.

Bridesmaid peeks at the bride, now ready in her wedding dress and bouquet in hand.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

What is the average cost of an Irish Wedding Photographer?
(And why do they charge that?)

Okay, let’s talk actual wedding photography pricing in Ireland:

First some general wedding stats for contex: how much does an average wedding cost in Ireland? I’m reluctant to say there is any such thing as an “average” wedding because, when you get down to details, the differences appear.

That being said, couples who want a traditional wedding in Ireland will spend on average €36,000 on their wedding day, according to online wedding magazine One Fab Day.

(Now… How a couple chooses to spend that wedding budget is entirely down to what they value. More on that in a moment..!)

What about the average cost of a Professional Wedding Photographer?

The keyword here is “Professional” because a novice or hobbyist may only charge you €1000, but I can assure you they are not running a full-time business and investing time and effort into their clients at that price point. It’s simply impossible to run a business that way in 2024.

The average cost of a professional wedding photographer in Ireland is between €2,500 and €5,000 and depends on factors such as: experience and process, coverage, second shooter, albums, or an engagement session included in the package.

Bear in mind, the above figures are by no means a “target”. A vendor asking for a higher price doesn’t mean they are trying to take advantage of you. It usually means they are adding more value into their services or products (such as: quality experience, a distinct & highly consistent style, impeccable service and process, two photographer team, or luxury quality albums that last generations).

It’s up to you to decide what final outcome you’re not willing to compromise on.

Now that we understand the “average cost”, it’s important to explore the factors that influence wedding photography pricing in Ireland.

Epic newlywed portraits, walking together in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

What Determines Wedding Photography Prices?

Here are some major factors that influence the (average) price of wedding photography in Ireland:

Wedding Photography Pricing in Ireland education | Quality wedding albums last for generations; investing in yourself is the best use of your wedding budget.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

  • Photographer’s Expertise. Seasoned full-time professionals charge more, and their expertise speaks volumes in the final result. This means everything from:
    • Knowing how to help you plan your day and timeline;
    • Guiding you into looking and feeling your best;
    • Making sure your family photos happen fast and smooth (trust us, this takes planning – and a few tricks!);
    • Finding the most flattering light no matter the weather and location; (Our speciality here at Ivana & Sam Photography!)
      and last but not least;
    • Delivering consistently edited images in a timeless style you’ll love years down the line.

  • Coverage Duration. Full day, half day, or just a few hours; the time spent on the job directly affects the cost as well.
    • Pro Tip: Telling the full story authentically and having a relaxed time with less posing is much more feasible with full day coverage.

  • Post-Production Magic. Professional photo editing is not “slapping on a quick filter”. It takes meticulous and dedicated work to perfectly develop your photos into magazine-worthy images, which adds immense value to your final gallery. (Our background in classical painting gives us a unique perspective and ability to create images with flattering, true-to-life skin tones that our clients love.)
    • Fun fact: Most of the time that your photographer spends working on your wedding actually happens AFTER the big day. We spend an average of 20 additional hours editing, backing up images, designing albums, shipping products etc.

  • Album Quality. This is the future centrepiece of your coffee table, and more importantly the heirloom that your family will gather around for generations. Wedding albums come in various sizes and materials, affecting the overall cost. Our albums are uniquely printed with archival-quality paper and ink, ensuring your once-in-a-lifetime heirloom lasts for generations (and with that higher quality comes a higher price).
    • Pro Tip: In all honesty, pharmacy or high-street printing may work for casual holiday photos but simply won’t do justice to a once-in-a-lifetime event such as your wedding.

  • Teamwork. Solo photographers may need to hire a second shooter to help cover your wedding day, which is common during longer days, or when the bride and groom’s preparations take place far apart, for example. This factor will also increase the cost of packages you see online.
    However, dedicated photography duos like us are more cost-effective.
    • Pro Tip: Much like an album included within a package, you’ll get a better deal having two photographers involved from the get-go. That way, there’s no need to fish around for available second shooters later on.
    • Plus, having two POVs reduces time pressure AND gives you more candid images along with your guided/posed portraits!

  • Travel. Some photographers may include a travel fee for weddings that require an overnight stay or travel of 2+ hours. This is standard practise, considering the physical toll of working 12-14 hour days and in a location that requires hours of driving. The travel fee may already be included in the pricing however, so pay close attention to your photographer’s pricing quote as this will be noted there.
Bride and Groom walk together at sunset in Dromoland Castle's walled garden.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Why are Wedding Photographers in Ireland priced so differently?

Everyone wants their photos to reflect their unique personality and character. But in order for this to happen, a photographer needs to:

  • Invest time into the relationship and have a proven process that helps them document your day smoothly;
  • Have the skills to help you relax and feel yourself in front of the camera as much as possible, and;
  • Recognise your needs and create memorable images of you while also never overstepping and ruining natural moments (because we believe wedding days should be emotional, exciting and naturally flowing events, rather than staged shoots).

All of the above requires more than just hiring “a person with a camera” – it demands professionalism, time and a tested process. Wedding Photographers in Ireland are all a mixed combination of different skills, personalities, and approaches. Some are very hands-off and expressive. Others are hands-on and fine art. Some are a mix, like our combination of documentary and editorial photography.

Are you someone who values photography as an artform and wants their images to be more than quick snaps? Then chances are you need a wedding photographer who also has a creative eye and meticulously developed editing style. The value of all of this goes far beyond simply hiring equipment.

The combination of these different styles and skills influences wedding photography pricing in Ireland; get to know what approach your ideal photographer has by speaking with them openly.

Pro Tip: Don’t hire a person with a camera. Hire a unique point of view that you adore and want to see your memories through for the rest of your life. That’s what you’re actualling putting your money towards.

Same-sex wedding couple photo with lavender in the foreground.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

“I Don’t Need Anything Fussy. What If I Just Want Something ‘Simple?”

What does “simple” mean to you?

Does it mean: “It doesn’t have to be done that well”?

Or does it mean: “Photos that look effortless, natural, won’t age, and executed without fuss”?

When people say “simple”, they usually mean that they want to have a good time, not pose all day and receive quality images and service. We totally understand that! But all of the above is only possible with a solid process offered to you by a professional who’s spent years developing said process.

Simplicity, speed & effortlessness are exactly what you pay more for in wedding photography.

Investing more in your wedding photography package doesn’t add “fuss” or complication into your day; it’s precisely the opposite! An uncomplicated and effortless photography experience takes years of practice, skill and talent to create.

Everyone can press the shutter button. Not everyone knows when to press it, spends the time to connect with and guide their couple, or creates a smooth process for them.

Happy bride surrounded by her family at Dromoland Castle. Wedding Photography Cost Ireland education.

This is what professional wedding photographers in Ireland spend years perfecting. This is part of our process.

Bright and airy portraits of Emily and Jacob enjoying the sunset on Howth Hill. Couple Photoshoot in Ireland.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Your Budget & Your Wedding Photographer
(“Ok, I know that photography is one of the most important and long-lasting aspects of my wedding experience. But how can I organise my budget to match my needs?”)

Your wedding budget is an undeniably large factor in choosing your wedding vendors.

And wedding photography pricing in Ireland may not always match your means, especially if you’re searching for a quality photographer. So what are your options?

If the style and quality of your photos matters to you, you will (likely) regret simply choosing a wedding photographer in Ireland based on price. I encourage you to reconsider and instead do your research to find who is a great match for your vibe as people.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is so true for a highly dynamic, creative and labour-intensive service like wedding photography.

Ask yourself this: Are you hiring a wedding photographer just because you’re supposed to have a photographer there?

Or are you hiring the wedding photographer whose unique vision and style matches yours?

Think about how you want to see and remember those once-in-a-lifetime moments that will unfold on your wedding day.

Husband and wife are cheered on down the aisle after their church wedding ceremony.
Wedding guests joyfully applaud the marriage of the two brides.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

It’s important to hire a wedding photographer whose work speaks to you today, and will still resonate in 20 years time. Your images are meant to last (more than) a lifetime, right? That’s why you’re investing in photography in the first place.

The best thing you can do to manage your budget when factoring in wedding photography pricing in Ireland is reconsider and redefine what other items your wedding actually needs. You don’t need to follow a set plan or tradition when planning your unique wedding day (or do everything your parents/big sibling/best friend did at theirs).

Why spread your wedding budget evenly across every typical item Pinterest makes you feel like you should have? You will likely end up with a mediocre array of stuff, and for what? To tick the box for what is expected of you to have on a wedding?

In our opinion – It’s just not worth it.

Why? Because getting married should be a reflection of your unique character, style and values. Find and spend only on the vendors whose work and personality match your needs and you will have a much more memorable experience.

Bride and her mother dance happily on the morning of her autumn wedding.
Bride and her mother dance and embrace on the morning of her wedding.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

How to Make Your Wedding Memorable with Your Budget

Wedding photography is a significant investment because it’s value will only increase in time. But it doesn’t have to fight with your overall budget. Here’s how:

Some of the most delightful and memorable weddings we have photographed (and attended) have had an “uneven” budget.

What is that? It means the couple focused on what mattered most to them and what they valued. This resulted in them directing most of their budget to maybe 2-3 key aspects of their day; typically, the venue, photography or food/experiences.

After the event has passed all you will have is a spouse and your photographs. We think it’s worth getting both parts right 🙂

Some of our “uneven budget” weddings have even been held at home, styled with the help of relatives, or been catered courtesy of a hired food truck! It can all work as long as it suits your own vibe and idea of a good time.

Bride holds her champaign and ice cream cone on her at-home Garden wedding.

If you’re not spending on what you value, you have to ask yourself: what external pressure are you feeling that’s making you spread your budget thin?

When you put your values at the forefront of planning your wedding, your money begins to provide lasting value where it matters to you!

Galway Bride enjoys the company of her cheering guests all around on the dance floor during their Galway City wedding.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

How you choose to get married matters.

You do not have to spread your budget evenly, and your wedding can look however you want it to. There is no mould to fit. Quite the opposite in our experience!

Find inspiration in dreamy at-home weddings, self-styled weddings, intimate elopements, and small celebrations, for example.

The two brides hold each other and look back at their wedding party at home in Monaghan.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

How Do I Find the Right Wedding Photographer for Us?

Honestly, you will spend more time with your wedding photographer than any other vendor on the wedding day. You want that person to not only be skilled but to be sound, as well as being genuinely invested in your story, right? The way your photographer makes you feel can be seen in your final gallery of images.

Ask yourself:

  1. When you’re looking at a photographer’s work, can you easily imagine yourself in those images? Do you feel like that could be you looking so at ease in photos?
  2. Read through the photographer’s website and about page – do you like their personality and point of view? Could you see yourself spending time with this person and do you like what they stand for?
  3. Does the light and colouring/editing style resonate with you and your wedding aesthetic?
  4. Are there particular photographs that are important to you? Like family portraits, fun dance floor pictures, or special keepsakes? Then make sure you’re happy with how the photographer shoots those kinds of images too.

    Quick Note: photographers don’t typically publish family groups online, but will be happy to send you examples if you inquire.
Autumn wedding photography in Tankardstown House, Ireland.
Bride and groom are greeted by cheering guests at the Walled Garden at Tankardstown.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

What do YOU value most?

Ireland wedding photography: Newlywed couple run through Dromoland Castle Hotel's gardens wearing cool sunglasses.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

And here we arrive at the big question: What do You value?

Imagine leafing through a gorgeous heavy album years after your wedding. Every page is an artfully curated story of the day’s events. How do you want it told? What style of images would suit your vibe and how do You want to relive your memories? That’s your key to finding the right photographer.

Bride and Groom share a peaceful moment together in Dromoland Castle Hotel's beautiful garden.
Wedding Photography Pricing Ireland | Quality albums like this are an cornerstone of investing in your future through professional wedding photography.

What matters most to you on your wedding day? Or should I say, what will matter most after your wedding?

Your images are by far the longest-lasting gift you can give yourself. Finding the right photographer who resonates with you allows complete relaxation on the big day. That way, you know your memories are in safe hands. Who is the right photographer for you? (Maybe a fellow couple, like us!)

Wedding Photography Pricing & Packages, Ireland | Ivana & Sam Photographers.
Ivana & Sam Photography | Ireland Wedding Photographers serving couples with bright and natural photography.

Shameless plug aside, speak with the photographer whose style and brand you connect with and if their images make you feel the anticipation of your wedding day, you’re on the right track!

(You’ve probably realised at this point that basing any decision on what the internet says the “average” is, is not the best idea, because your wedding shouldn’t be average. It should be unique because you and your partner are unique people with a unique story. What do you value most? Spend your money there and you’ll be happy in the end.)

Bride and Groom hold each other beside the lake at their outdoor summer wedding.

Your FAQs on Wedding Photography & Pricing in Ireland

Q: What influences the range of wedding photography pricing?

A: According to the Irish online wedding magazine One Fab Day, the range typically falls between €2,000 to €4,000. But like we said above, the cost varies based on factors like expertise, extent of coverage, post-production, and album quality. (Not every package is created equal, and getting more for less isn’t always a good sign!)

Bride and her bridesmaids styling sunglasses together on her summer wedding day at Tankardstown House.

Q: How do I ensure a photographer’s style aligns with my vision?

A: Explore their portfolio to better gauge their style. Look for consistency in their editing (like colour and light), notice if their posing style (whether primarily “candid”, “posed”, or a combination) is to your liking. Ask them about their work style (and get to know their personality) to see if they resonate with you.

(Quick Note: Whether a photographer has been to a particular place or venue matters little to experienced photographers. How they compose a frame, utilise light, and make people feel is far more important and these decisions are often made on the spot because weddings are dynamic events: The weather is different every time, the light changes fast, and people have different personalities.)

Newlywed couple pose in front of the gates of the walled garden in the autumn.
Our Wedding Guide helps couples prepare for their big day | Wedding Photography Pricing Ireland

Q: When should I secure my wedding photographer?

A: Consider booking your photographer between 9-12 months in advance. This ensures a much higher chance of their availability for your date. As well as this, you have more time to plan engagement shoots and to share your vision with your photographer which is key in planning a relaxed day with authentic photo opportunities.

We love to get involved and help plan your special day! Getting your photographer’s insights into your florals, colours, decor, and timeline can really make an enormous impact on your images.

Pro Tip: Our exclusive Wedding Guide magazine (pictured above), which our couples receive after booking, covers many of these topics and more!

Understandably, some wedding photographers won’t accept bookings too far in advance due to calendar and lifestyle unpredictability.

Quick Note: Your date is not secure unless you have paid a deposit. Until then, it remains open to other couples who inquire.

Q: Can I customise my photography package?

A: Most photographers offer flexible packages – Don’t be afraid to discuss your needs. You may have preferences about coverage duration, pre-wedding photography, and printed products, for example. Tailoring your package to your preferences ensures a personalised and worthwhile experience for all.

Black and white portrait of the bride and her father sharing a hug in the family home.

Q: How do I know if a photographer is proficient in candid photography?

A: Browse their portfolio and blog to find examples. Ask potential photographers about their approach to capturing candid moments.

Personally, we shoot in a combination of documentary and editorial style. This means we typically give space to the natural flow of conversation and events, are unobtrusive during interactions, but offer gentle guidance when the occasion calls for it. For example, we provide subtle direction during morning preparations and portraits to ensure the best light and angle for you. During the ceremony and dancefloor on the other hand, we are completely unobtrusive and out of the way (well, we still get on the dancefloor with you all!) while you and your people have the time of your lives.

Wedding Photography Pricing Ireland – Summary

Whew! That was a lot to take in. Well done for getting to the end and we hope the information in this article has given you a solid understanding of the normal range of wedding photography cost in Ireland. As a summary, here are some quick tips to remember before your next step in finding your wedding photographer:

  • 2024 and 2025 Wedding photography prices in Ireland typically range from €2,500 to €5,000. This is not a target; every photographer works differently and you should choose one whose strengths match your vision. You only have your spouse and your images once the day is done, so investing in quality photography is a lifelong gift that only increases in value.
  • It’s important to book your photographer early if you’re after a specific style – we’re talking between 9 to 16 months in advance! This gives everyone more time to plan and get on the same page.
  • Customisation is one conversation away. Most photographers are open to tailoring packages to suit your needs – whether it’s engagement shoots, two-day wedding coverage, or album design.
  • If your budget is limited, understand your priorities and where your money will go farthest. Quality photography will capture any level of celebration of love as though it was the best day on Earth.
Two Brides dance under raining confetti at their home garden wedding.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about photography, planning your day, or your wedding vision, please get in touch and we’d be happy to talk!



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