I’ve always wanted to photograph someone’s portrait session or wedding in a greenhouse…

      When I met Victoria and saw her unique style and passion for making her own clothes, I immediately envisioned these photographs. I suggested we go to the beautiful botanic gardens of Ireland for her portrait session and so we began planning. We styled Victoria to match her surroundings in a simplistic and elegant way. Honestly, I thought that flower prints would be appropriate for anything but a greenhouse, but I’m so glad we went for it! I’m not even sure what words to describe her outfit with but I love the mood we achieved and how it blends with the beautiful atmosphere of the botanic gardens.

      The session naturally turned into a story, which is what I love about it. We were both so mesmerised by the plants and architecture around us that we just started wandering and exploring. This is what the day felt like and that’s exactly what I aimed to capture as a memory for Victoria. A beautiful day among nature in the city.

      With her colourful personality and style, Victoria was like a flower amongst the flowers.

      Enjoy the gallery!

      See you in the next gallery.