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If you’re into exploring hidden away destinations with lots of charm, I would say Plovdiv is the perfect place for your special day! Check the post and see how beautiful this 8000+ year old European city is!

Plovdiv is an ancient city built around 7 hills, in Southern Bulgaria.
One October weekend Sam and I decided we needed a break from the big city so decided to hop on the train and explore the beautiful old town of Plovdiv.  A stunning view from the roman theatre for starters..

The place is packed with history and carries the scars of time in a charming way. Old stone walls and little doorways can be found in every direction you turn. I found it hard to not stop and take a photo every 5 seconds.. (sorry Sam)

The beautiful blue windows above the souvenir shop are my favourite! And this handmade woollen “Chiprovtsi” carpet… I love the way they’ve taken traditional Bulgarian designs and used fresh modern colour to make it contemporary.

 You can see samples of what life in this ancient town used to be like if you pay a visit to the Ethnographic museum. This is only one of many hand painted old traditional buildings in the old town.

Here’s a shot I took of a painter at work. Despite the rain he was up on the ladder carefully redoing some of the beautiful ornaments of this house.

The peacock fountain in this church’s yard is one of my favourite shots. I love the simplicity of shapes and colour of the scene! Getting married here would make for some fantastic backdrops.

 Walking around the tiny cobble streets, don’t forget to look up as well! You’d be surprised where some houses are resting! So much colour and art to be seen in every direction!

When your neck starts hurting from looking up and around at all the fascinating architecture, you can head down to the trendy art district called “Kapana”. We happened to be in Plovdiv during the famous “Kapana Fest” so here’s a glimpse at the atmosphere on this rainy afternoon.  

The festival brings people from all over the world into this charming district. Everyone is here to eat some gourmet street food, listen to music at one of the 3 stages located on different streets and shop some local handmade goods. Despite the cold and rainy day the mood is always high in Kapana. The colourful flags made it up for the lack of sun!

Back to the views though! You can easily get your eyes on this by walking to the top of the old town where you’ll see a few of the other 6 hills surrounding Plovdiv.

One of the coolest things we found in the old town was this antique shop located in the back yard of a house.  Take a look at the crazy amount of items sitting in the rain patiently waiting for a passionate antique lover to pass by.

Old socialist signs living their second life near an impressive collection of teapots and cups! Not a sight you see every day 🙂

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

 They don’t call it Plovediv for nothing! 🙂

It was getting pretty chilly and wet by the evening so we really needed to find a cosy coffee shop with good cappuccino and cake! This turned out to be a difficult task as everyone in town had the same idea… So after about 5 loops of the district we finally parked ourselves in this little cafe’.  Cappuccino and chocolate cake, here we come!

 Back at our lovely little hotel. We both liked how they kept the old vibes but without sacrificing modern elements and excellent hygiene around the place.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little journey to one of Bulgaria’s pretty corners!
See you in the next post!













  1. Димитър Кокаланов says:

    Супер! Пловдив е магичен, дори и да е малко мръсен и занемарен. Хотелът има много готини стаи, как се казва?

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