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Irish Wedding Photography. Newlywed couple dance in front of Dromoland Castle at their Wedding.

Irish-American Destination Wedding in Dromoland Castle | Co. Clare, Ireland





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Table of Contents

On day one, they had their long-awaited engagement photoshoot! Mairead’s family history has its roots in County Clare, and the nearby Quin Abbey was a sentimental place for them. It was the perfect choice for their engagement shoot which we timed carefully for gorgeous sunset light.

Dromoland Castle was the ideal place for Mairead and George to host their wedding. For this great occasion, they made their wedding a three-day event (right in the middle of Ireland’s big summer heatwave)!

Irish Wedding Photography; couple walk towards camera after their engagement at Quin Abbey.

Engagement Session at Quin Abbey (Day One)

We had a great time together on that warm August evening in front of Quin Abbey. It was such a lovely shoot that we wrote an entire blog post about it and the process of having an Irish engagement session.

Having an engagement shoot means:

  • setting a romantic date to enjoy each other’s company;
  • familiarising yourselves with being photographed by us;
  • adding more variety to your final gallery of images
    (with a more relaxed andcasual vibe), and;
  • creating lovely memories together at a place significant to you both.

See if an engagement shoot would be fun for you too – check out theirs here!

Engaged couple hold each other close at Quin Abbey in Ireland.

Rehearsal Dinner at Dromoland Castle Golf Club (Day Two)

On the second day, we shot Mairead and George’s rehearsal dinner at Dromoland Castle’s Golf Club. The atmosphere was so fun and relaxed; most of the guests were Americans, and many told us how excited they were to visit Ireland for the first time! There was plenty of good cheer, hearty toasts, and traditional Irish music too – including the groom’s father, who is an experienced multi-instrumentalist!

Guests arrive at Dromoland Castle Wedding, with detail of garden flowers.
Guests thumb through old family photos at couple's Dromoland Castle wedding party.
Harpist and waitress with Guinness glass spotted at Dromoland Castle wedding rehearsal dinner.
Dromoland Castle Gold Club at sunset with guests enjoying the wedding party.
Engaged couple pose together in Dromoland Castle Hotel's garden before their wedding.

This hot summer evening had such beautiful light, thanks to August’s long stretch. There was plenty of time for catching-up, casual candid photos, and once-in-a-lifetime family portraits too.

The Big Wedding at Dromoland Castle (Day Three)

The day finally arrived! The third and final day of Mairead and George’s epic wedding celebration at Dromoland Castle Hotel. This wedding had 120 guests, 29°C heat (the hottest that summer!), an eighteen-person wedding party, one wee church, and more laughs than the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Dromoland Castle’s Queen Anne Suite is where we found Mairead. She spent her morning in the company of her doting mother and adoring bridesmaids (and one fab bridesman).

Bridesmaid and Bridesman admire bride's dress on the morning of her wedding at Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Bride examines details of her wedding dress, which hangs from a tree, during morning prep.
Wedding invitation details and rings for Dromoland Castle Wedding.
Bridal dress hangs from tree in dappled morning light before wedding at Dromoland Castle.
Bride and her wedding dress in beautiful dappled morning light.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Meanwhile, George and his team were suiting up in The Inn at Dromoland: a sister hotel on the other end of Dromoland’s golf course, only a 5 minute drive from the castle.

Groomsmen having fun and putting on their jackets before the wedding at The Inn at Dromoland.

Morning Preparations at The Inn at Dromoland

There were plenty of hands on deck to help out with buttons, ties, and whatever else needed a final touch. George’s father looked on proudly as his sons helped fit each other’s jackets and get ready for the big day ahead. Our goal as your photographers is to blend in like guests and capture these moments in an artful and authentic way.

Black and white photograph of older brother helping younger with his tie on morning of the wedding.
Black and white portrait of the groom having his father fix his boutonniere at The Inn at Dromoland.
Black and white portrait of groom in suit on morning before his wedding at Dromoland Castle.
Father helps groom do his tie in the morning before his wedding at Dromoland Castle.
Groom dressed in tuxedo in morning of wedding while he fixes his watch.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Back at Dromoland, Mairead was in her dress and ready to impress! Her mother and sister helped with the final few touches, before she stepped out into the sunshine to dazzle her bridal party and proud father.

Bride is ready in her wedding dress and her mother holds a love message in her palms.
Bride reveals her wedding dress to her bridal party and father outside Dromoland Castle.

Once the guys were ready, they headed down to Shannigan’s Bar for a hopeful few pints. Sadly for them, it was too early, but they had great craic down in the bar nonetheless.

Groomsmen and father of groom share laughs together at the bar in The Inn at Dromoland, Ireland.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Inevitably, it came time to pile into the bus and head down to Cratloe for the ceremony.

Wedding in the Wild Atlantic West

Dromoland Castle is easily found just off the M18 motorway, which runs between Athenry (near Galway City) to the north and passing Shannon Airport to reach Limerick City to the south. Dromoland Castle is just across the motorway from the town of Ennis and the barren beauty of The Burren.

Also nearby is the infamous Wild Atlantic Way, which weaves along the west coast of Ireland and is a must-see! Here, you’ll find the quaint (but lively) coastal village of Doolin and the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher. Also nearby are the Hag’s Head and O’Brien’s Tower – two gorgeous photo spots!

With everyone ready, we all headed off St. John’s Church, Cratloe. On the hottest day of the year, this church was full to the rafters. People didn’t mind the heat, as everyone was captivated by Mairead and George at the altar.

Brothers of the bride and their grandfather enjoy the excitement outside the church before the wedding ceremony.
Bride and her father enter the small Irish church for her wedding ceremony, with wedding invitation and ring details on the side.
The bride, under her veil, is walked down the aisle by her father through the small Irish church with her bridesmaids waiting eagerly.
The newlyweds share a kiss at the church alter as their wedding ceremony is concluded.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

After the ceremony, there were excited meet-and-greets outside before a big group portrait to mark the occasion!

Bride's grandfather proudly greets her after their wedding ceremony in Clare, Ireland.
Bride and bridesmaid share an emotional hug after wedding ceremony with beautiful bouquet in foreground.
Bride and groom pose in front of their vintage VW camper van after their wedding ceremony in Clare, Ireland.
Bride and Groom sit together in their vintage VW camper van after their wedding ceremony.
The guests crowd around the newlywed's vintage VW camper van to see them off after their wedding ceremony.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

A Royal Welcome at Dromoland Castle

Back at Dromoland, guests were welcomed regally and there were drinks and good spirits aplenty. The touching little details, like the family dog napkins, did not go unnoticed!

Guests served drinks as they arrive at Dromoland Castle Hotel after wedding ceremony.
Dromoland Castle waiting staff offer drinks to guests arriving from Wedding ceremony.
Wedding guests and toddler enjoy reception at Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Wedding guests have a great time at the drinks reception at Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.
Guests enjoy Dromoland Castle Hotel's wedding reception.
Wedding guests enjoy the personalised napkins at the Dromoland Castle Hotel's drinks reception.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

At a large family gathering like this, family formals take some time and organization. We followed our tried and tested stress-free process and found the perfect spot under the shade of Dromoland’s giant oak trees.

Irish wedding photographer: Bride poses in front of her bridal party outside Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Bride and her maid of honour stand together outside Dromoland Castle.
Wedding guests react to giant Bridal party outside Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Bride and groom walk together on Dromoland Castle Hotel's lawn on a hot summer's day.
Bride and groom walk ahead of their wedding party on Dromoland Castle Hotel's lawn.
Bride's bouquet detail and bride's party chilling out on Dromoland Castle Hotel's lawn.
Ireland wedding photographer: Bride and her bridesmaids line up their bouquets.
Bride and groom's portrait together on Dromoland Castle Hotel's lawn.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Mairead and George were fortunate to have such a large and loving family all around them, as well as an eighteen-person strong wedding party!

Dromoland Castle Wedding Celebrations

With family and wedding party portraits complete, Mairead and George took a well-earned break with us while we took their newlywed portraits. During this time, they could just enjoy each other’s company as they strolled through the Walled Garden and took in the lake views from Dromoland’s Temple Wood and Tree Walks.

Groom twirls his bride outside Dromoland Castle Hotel during golden hour.
Epic newlywed portraits, walking together in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.
Newlywed couple share a kiss in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.
Newlywed couple pose together outside Dromoland Castle Hotel at golden hour.
Epic wedding couple portrait in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland, with ring box details.
Black and white portrait of newlywed couple enjoying the view at Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Dromoland Castle’s expansive grounds offer spectacular views, especially at sunset. Take the time to soak them in, either atop Temple Hill or within the lush Walled Garden.

Ireland Wedding Photography: Newlywed couple take a romantic stroll through Dromoland Castle Hotel's gardens.
Ireland Wedding Photography: Black and white portrait of bride and groom holding hands in Dromoland Castle Hotel's gardens.
Bride and Groom sit together on bridge while bride looks back to us in Dromoland Castle Hotel's garden.
Groom greets his bride on the bridge in Dromoland Castle Hotel's garden.
Ireland wedding photography: Newlywed couple run through Dromoland Castle Hotel's gardens wearing cool sunglasses.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Dancing the Night Away at Dromoland

You know the rest: good drink, fine food, cakes, toasts and dancing!

Bride and Groom arrive to cheering crowd inside Dromoland Castle's dining hall.
Ireland Wedding Photography: Dromoland Castle wedding details in dining hall.
Dromoland Castle Wedding hall details, with slideshow during dinner call.
Bride dances with her father and groom dances with her mother in Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Dromoland Castle wedding detail, guests enjoying speeches.
Father and sister of bride look on proudly as newlywed's have their First Dance inside Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Family dance and enjoy the wedding celebrations at Dromoland Castle Hotel, Ireland.
Funny moments with guests drawing a card during wedding celebration in Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Bride and Groom's first dance on their wedding night at Dromoland Castle.
Everyone hits the dance floor in Dromoland Castle Hotel's large dining hall.
Everyone dancing to the wedding band in Dromoland Castle Hotel.
Father of the groom looks on proudly at everyone dancing at his son's wedding in Dromoland Castle Hotel.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography

Thank you Mairead and George for choosing us as your photographers to share this incredible three-day event with you and your loved ones.

We wish you a long and happy life together!

Bride and Groom sit together in Dromoland Castle's gardens at sunset.
Epic portrait of Bride and Groom holding hands in front of Dromoland Castle Hotel on their wedding day.

All photos by Ivana & Sam Photography



Dromoland Castle Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Ivana & Sam
Makeup: Oksana Lobanova Makeup
Hair: Niamh Lee Hair
Dress: Monique Lhuillier Bride
Flowers: Lawless Flowers
Videography: Clive McLaughlin @ PigMintFilms
Ceremony Music: Nova String Quartet
Wedding Band: The Whole Hog Band
Venue: Dromoland Castle Hotel


  1. This castle wedding looks like it comes straight from a fairy-tale! The images are clean and crisp, I love everything about it. This is the dream!

  2. Tessa Klingensmith says:

    What a beautiful celebration! You captured their day perfectly! 😍

  3. MA LOVE says:

    Ireland! I just have to go back. And what a dream castle. So beautifully captured!

    • Ivana Milchanska says:

      It really was dreamy (but oh-so hot that day, we were melting)! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Tali says:

    What an incredible castle!!! Looks like something straight out of a fairytale!

  5. Leo says:

    I love your photography and how you make everything look so classic! These two look amazing in one of the best locations I’ve seen, thanks for sharing!

  6. Rita says:

    Ireland has always been on my bucket list to visit, now i just can’t wait to get there ! it does look magical and i love how you captured this wedding, with all the love from the families as well . so sweet!

  7. Kelcee says:

    This is such a fairytale wedding!! Wow! I never have imagined the option to get married in a castle. You captured this day so perfectly! Makes me want to remarry my husband and get married here!

    • Ivana Milchanska says:

      Wow Kelcee, I suppose castles are not very common in the US huh 🙂
      Thank you, it was a magical occasion to be sure!

  8. Meg says:

    I love how thorough you are! It is so helpful to go step by step throughout your entire process. Your work and edits are great, and I love that they had a Polaroid camera 🙂 Also, Guinness should sponsor you – it looks so appealing! Great work!

    • Ivana Milchanska says:

      Haha, thanks so much Meg! I really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you like our style 🙂

  9. Magda says:

    Your editing is awesome. Has this vintage film look that I love so much. all your wedding photography looks just high-end and super professional.

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