Nick and Jenna are a sweet, adventurous couple from New York who chose the beautiful Lake Como for their honeymoon (who wouldn’t!). Their session began on a beautiful morning in the lovely town of Bellagio. We chose to explore the gardens of Villa Melzi, which offered amazing views of the lake and mountains, and our time together passed so quickly with laughs, chats about life and quiet serene moments – when we just had to appreciate this location.

      It was a real pleasure creating these memories for Nick and Jenna and no matter how special the location was, it would be worth nothing if it wasn’t for the way these two newlyweds looked at each other and appreciated their time together. That is what I love capturing the most.

      Nick & Jenna, I hope your time together as a family is as beautiful and peaceful as that morning was. (and as sweet as the gelato we shared after the session!)

      See you in the next gallery!




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